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AAPA Board Nominations by Wed., 4/27! Seeking Secretary/Historian nominations

By April 25, 2016Announcements

Dear AAPA Friends and Colleagues,

The call for nominations for AAPA elected positions is extended to Wednesday, April 27th, 2016. We still have a vacancy for the Secretary/Historian position. Please consider nominating yourself!

Below is a list of first-round nominees:
President-Elect : Helen Hsu
Vice President : Richelle Concepcion
Secretary/Historian: No nominations received
Board of Directors: Amy Kobus; Marcia Liu
Board of Director (Student Representative): Ming Tu
Council of Representatives (CoR) Chair: Monique Shah Kulkarni

AAPA nominations should be accompanied by a brief statement (max. 250 words) addressing:
· Past AAPA offices held (if any);
· Past contributions to AAPA and/or Asian American psychology;
· Goal statement of what the nominee hopes to accomplish as an AAPA officer.

Nominees must be current AAPA members. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Please send nominations and statements by April 27th, 2016 via email (as text in the body of the email message, NOT as an attachment) to:
Pei-Wen Winnie Ma, AAPA Secretary/Historian:

Descriptions of the positions are listed below:

Duties of the President. In performing the duties of office, the President-Elect shall:
1. conduct the business of the Association between meetings of The Executive Committee;
2. be an ex-officio member of all committees and chair of The Executive Committee meetings;
3. represent the Association in business matters with other organizations, agencies, or governmental bodies;
4. act for the Association in any particular business matter, provided that prompt reports are furnished to The Executive Committee, and that the action is not opposed by a majority of The Executive Committee, and that
the action is consistent with the Association By-Laws;
5. delegate some of his or her duties to other members at his or her discretion;
6. serve a two year term of office, or until a successor assumes the office.

Duties of the Vice President. In performing duties of office, the Vice President shall:
1. serve in the place of the President should the President not be able to carry out his or her duties;
2. assume other duties as agreed upon with the President;
3. oversee the planning of the Association’s annual convention;
4. delegate responsibilities to other Association members at his or her discretion;
5. serve a two year term of office, or until a successor assumes the office.

Duties of the Secretary/Historian. In performing the duties of the office, the Secretary/Historian shall:
1. collect and maintain archival items of that Association including but not limited to AAPA publications (newsletters, monographs, journals, convention proceedings), convention programs, and other items of
historical significance;
2. document summaries of Executive Committee meetings and other Association meetings of historical significance when so directed by The Executive Committee;
3. compose election materials for the newsletter and collect ballots;
4. serve for two year term of office, or until a successor assumes the office.

Duties of the Directors. In performing duties of their office, the Directors shall:
1. assume specific duties and responsibilities as directed by the President;
2. assist the Vice-President in planning the annual convention;
3. act as liaisons to other national or international organizations which purposes or actions will benefit the Association and its purposes;
4. assist in soliciting corporate donations and other fund raising activities to carry out the objectives of the Association, including awarding of student scholarships;
5. serve for no more than two (2) consecutive terms of two years each.

CoR Chair. The primary responsibility of the CoR Chair in relation to the AAPA parent organization is to communicate the perspectives and decisions of the CoR and Divisions to the AAPA Executive Committee, and to communicate the perspectives and decisions of the AAPA Executive Committee to the CoR. The CoR Chair attends both AAPA Executive Committee and CoR meetings. He/she has primary responsibilities on the CoR,chairing this body and guiding the development of shared initiatives of the divisions. Because the CoR Chair has voting rights on the AAPA Board, she/he is elected by the general membership of the Association. However, the CoR will have the sole responsibility for providing a slate of nominees for the position of CoR Chair and no other nominations will be accepted from other individuals or groups. An individual cannot simultaneously hold the position of CoR Chair position and a Division leadership position.