AAPA Convention, Atlanta, GA

October 4-5, 2024


We are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the 2024 AAPA Annual Convention, set in-person against the vibrant backdrop of Atlanta, GA. This year’s theme, “Homecoming,” draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the Filipino proverb: “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan” (English translation: “Those who do not remember their past will never reach their destination”). This theme encourages deep introspection into our personal journeys and the profound influence of our origins on the paths we tread.

We eagerly welcome submissions that tackle the multifaceted challenges encountered by Asian diaspora communities, with a focus on fostering collaboration, embracing interdisciplinary scholarship, and championing the cause of social justice.

We look forward to your contributions to a dynamic and enriching convention. Let’s come together to reflect on our roots and advance our community’s future. For additional guidance or questions, please contact the AAPA Sessions Committee at convention.sessions@aapaonline.org.



Who May Submit

  • This call is open to AAPA members and non-members, including students, scholars, and practitioners from a broad spectrum of fields within Psychology and related disciplines, such as clinical, mental health counseling, developmental, social, and educational psychology.
  • Proposals are welcome for basic and applied research employing various methodological approaches, empirical or otherwise.
  • We particularly encourage submissions from traditionally underrepresented groups and those new to AAPA conventions.

Types of Submissions

  • Courageous Conversations (75 minutes): Dialogues on topics frequently considered to be sensitive or controversial topics.
    The facilitator will lead participants through a thought-provoking conversation addressing topics frequently sidestepped, overlooked, or dismissed in various settings—be it among friends, family, colleagues, classrooms, workplaces, clinical settings, or research discussions. For example, ways to help clients build resilience through their heritage during globally challenging times. Moreover, submissions under this category may incorporate skill-based presentations aimed at enhancing mental wellness, cultivating a sense of rootedness, and fostering spiritual growth, such as specific meditation techniques. Proposals must outline how facilitators intend to create and maintain a safe environment conducive to respectful discourse, where divergent viewpoints are not only acknowledged but also actively engaged with, ensuring a space where differing perspectives are not only heard but also thoroughly considered and respected.

  • Symposia (60 minutes): A session of three or four presentations on a common theme, facilitated by a session chair.
    Three or four presentations are given around a common theme, facilitated by a chair (in addition to presenters). The chair must be picked by the presenters at the time of application. A chair for the symposium must be named on the application portal. The symposium proposal submission must include one program summary that integrates relevant information about the multiple presentations proposed for the session. It must also clearly indicate the titles and contents of each presentation within the symposium. The program summary may look like an amalgamation of several brief (50-100 words) abstracts. Only one abstract (500-700) is needed, including information related to how the several presentations are related to each other, and the purpose of choosing the overall theme for the symposium. No individual paper proposals for symposium presentations are accepted.

  • Posters: Visual presentations of empirical or conceptual reports.
    Posters are displayed to disseminate information on various conceptual and/or empirical reports. During the poster session, participants are invited to interact with poster presenters.

Submission Requirements

  • Proposals should align with the convention theme and demonstrate relevance and innovation.
  • Submissions may include abstracts (500-700 words) and, for Courageous Conversations and Symposia, program summaries (50-100 words); detailed instructions and criteria are available on our submission portal.
  • Individuals are permitted to be the first author on only one submission. Any additional submissions must significantly differ in topic and authorship.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: May 31, 2024; at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (subject to change; will be informed via email).
  • Proposal notifications and registration details will follow the review process.

Proposal Rating Criteria

  • Relationship to the convention theme
  • Relevance/timeliness of the topic
  • Membership appeal
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Scientific/empirical soundness (for research symposia and posters)
  • Adequacy of strategy for involving the audience (for courageous conversations)
  • Contribution to the field

Submission and Review Process

  • Proposals will be anonymized and will undergo rigorous peer review.
  • All submissions must include contact information for each presenter, learning objectives for the session (where applicable), and adhere to guidelines for CE eligibility. Learning objectives must follow the APA Guidance for Writing Learning Objectives.
  • Selected proposals will be notified via the contact information provided.

Review process

  • Proposals will be sent for anonymous review. As such, the “Abstract” and “Program Summary” should not include identifying information about the author(s) and/or presenter(s).
  • Submitters will be notified by email upon receipt of their proposal.
  • Individual authors will be contacted to provide additional information for submissions that may be eligible to award Continuing Education units (CEs).
  • Submission outcomes will be sent via email (date to be notified soon).
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We will honor some special awards recipients at our annual Awards Banquet.
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