Fellows shall be Members (Professional, Lifetime, or Honorary Lifetime) of the Asian American Psychological Association who have made unusual and outstanding contributions to the Association. The minimum requirements for Fellow status shall be (a) a doctoral degree, (b) prior status as a Member for at least one year, (c) five years of acceptable professional experience subsequent to the granting of the doctoral degree, and (e) evidence of unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of Asian American psychology.

Candidate contributions are examined in terms of scholarship and impact on the field of psychology and its advancement. Impact is evaluated in terms of: (1) Unusual, positive, long-term effects; and (2) Significant impact in a single area OR broad impact over a number of areas. AAPA Fellow candidates are usually members of AAPA for at least two years and preferably have completed their doctoral degree more than 10 years prior to nomination.

Current Fellows

Alvin Alvarez
Phillip Akutsu
Bertram Brown
Alice F. Chang
Edward Chang
S. Andrew Chen
Jean Lau Chin
Stephen Cheung
Kevin Chun
Y. Barry Chung
EJ David
Michi Fu
Terry Gock
David Goh
Christine Iijima Hall
Gordon Nagayama Hall
George Hong
Larke Huang
Wei-Chin Hwang
D.J. Ida
Arpana Inman
Allen Ivey
Gayle Y. Iwamasa
Linda Juang
Debra Kawahara
Yoshito Kawahara
Bryan S. K. Kim
Su Yeong Kim
Anna Lau
Richard Lee
Frederick Leong
Gisela Lin
Chalsa Loo
Jeanne Manese
Jeffrey Scott Mio
John Moritsugu
Kevin Nadal
Donna Nagata
Sumie Okazaki
Maria P. P. Root
Katsuyuki Sakamoto
Derald W. Sue
Stanley Sue
Richard Suinn
Karen Suyemoto
Reiko Homma True
Yuying Tsong
Herbert Wong
Y. Joel Wong
Albert Yee
Nolan Zane
Christine Yeh