The Division on Multiracial and Adopted Asian Americans (DMAA) of the Asian American Psychological Association is committed to promoting the empowerment, visibility, and well-being of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) with multiple heritages through greater understanding of the social, cultural, emotional, political, and personal factors that impact the psychology and experiences of APIAs with multiple heritages. We define APIAs with multiple heritages to include APIAs that are multiracial, multiethnic, members of multiracial APIA families, and transracial adoptees.

DMAA’s mission is multifaceted. We aim to:

  • provide a validating and inclusive space for APIAs of multiple heritages and their allies, with a particular emphasis on mentoring and supporting student members,
  • develop and disseminate psychological products (e.g., theory, research, clinical and counseling interventions, consultation modules) that enhance the understanding of the psychology of APIAs with multiple heritages and inform culturally-affirming policies, practices, and research with this population
  • advocate for the interests and representation of APIAs with multiple heritages at local, state, national, and international levels.

DMAA Executive Committee

Chair: Amy Kobus
Past Chair: Cirleen DeBlaere
Communications: Max Tokarsky
Historian/Secretary: Jessica M. Benson
Treasurer: Danielle Godon-Decoteau
Student Representatives: Annabelle Atkin & Adam Kim