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AAPA 2021 National Convention Oct 1-3


Expanding Our Banyan Tree: Unity, Inclusivity, and Intersectionality in Scholarship

Proposal deadline June 14th, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST

Proposal submission information at this link. Submit proposals here.

About the 2021 Convention:

In light of our theme, Expanding Our Banyan Tree: Unity, Inclusivity, and Intersectionality in Scholarship, we are seeking proposals that highlight specific
issues challenging Asian-identified communities as well as our relationship to issues
impacting other racial and ethnic minorities. We are also seeking proposals that draw
attention to underrepresented and multiple intersecting identities across such groups.
In addition, we are interested in submissions that focus on collaborative projects (both
nationally and internationally), interdisciplinary scholarship, multicultural perspective,
cross-cultural psychology, and other works that further social justice movements,
especially in light of the rise in Anti-Asian violence. We encourage submissions from
researchers, community leaders and activists, mental health providers, and educators
who work with underrepresented communities. Moreover, we welcome submissions
from professionals and scholars in allied fields (e.g., Anthropology, Asian American
Studies, Communication, Education, History, Law, Nursing, Political Science, Public
Health, Psychiatry, Social Work, Sociology, and Counselor Education) with whom we
collaborate and whose work informs Asian American mental health.
We invite you to join us on this path of self-exploration, reflection, loving, and growth as we steer AAPA toward an exciting and inclusive future.