The Division on Filipinx Americans (DoFA) of the Asian American Psychological Association is a community of students and professionals committed to understanding the social, cultural, emotional, political, and personal factors affecting various aspects of Filipinx American psychology and creating a space to improve Filipinx American mental and behavioral health. DoFA’s mission is to become a source of authoritative information regarding the psychological experiences of Filipinx Americans, by fostering the creation of psychological products (e.g., theory, research, services, clinical interventions, assessments, etc.) that are sensitive to and appropriate with the Filipinx American experience. DoFA also aims to

  1. unite and recruit Filipinx American psychologists and mental health practitioners;
  2. provide resources and support for the Filipinx American community in psychology; and
  3. advocate for research, competent practice, and culturally informed policies in working with the Filipinx American community.

AAPA DoFA Executive Committee

Christine Catipon, Psy.D., Co-Chair
Lou Felipe, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Michelle Madore, Ph.D., Financial Chair
Krystel Salandanan, Psy.D., Mentorship Coordinator
Claire Reclosado-Baclay, Psy.D., Communications Coordinator
Gabe Corpus, M.A., M.S., Student Representative

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